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Band Leadership Mini-Course

Duane brings real world leadership perspective combined with insider experience to marching band leadership experience. He knows exactly what student leaders are going through because he’s been in their position many times over! He provides solutions and insights that are current, relevant, practical and have lifelong application.


As a student leader, Duane didn’t always make the right decisions. In fact, many times he was dead wrong! That’s where he learned the most valuable lessons as a student leader and that’s where his personal experience and real world perspective can really benefit your students. The principles and strategies Duane teaches students are those that would have made a world of difference if he’d known them as a student leader.


So where did Duane gain his education, wisdom and insight into what makes leaders effective? From taking the lessons he learned as a student leader, applying it to his personal and professional life, and working with student and business leaders across the United States and Canada. 


For the past six years, in particular, Duane has had the opportunity to train, coach, teach and interact with leaders from all different backgrounds and experience levels - from first year student leaders to C-level executives of major corporations, and everything in between. What he’s come to understand is that, while marching band leadership has unique and specific challenges all its own, there are some universal leadership principles that can serve to develop and strengthen brand new and seasoned band leaders alike.

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Duane Huff
6 Time Drum Major
9 Time Student Leader


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