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Listen to what band directors, just like you, who have worked with Duane LIVE, have to say about the LIVE seminar/clinic experience, and what it did for there program.

Choose the option below that best fits your goals, objectives and budget. If you'd prefer to consider other options that better meet your need and budget, please consider the Band Leadership Online™ course and/or the Band Leadership Virtual Seminar.

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What do you teach students in the LIVE seminar?

What your band director colleagues have consistently told me is of value and importance

to their programs, including but not limited to . . .

  • What leadership is and why it's important.

  • Why servant leadership?

  • Your role as a leader in the marching band.

  • How to take initiative and ownership as a leader.

  • How to build team with your entire band.*

  • What causes conflict and how to resolve it when it occurs.

  • The power of attitude and importance of keeping yours positive.

  • Setting and being the right example for your peers to follow

  • How to keep the momentum and excitement in your band, year round.

  • How to lead your peers without being a pushy, aggressive, dictatorial knuckle head.

  • How to transition effectively from "one of them," to the leader of them.

  • How to lead peers that don't want to follow you, and don't seem to respect you.

And so much more . . .

* BTW, this can also be a team building experience for your entire band program, not just a session for your leaders.

Here's a sneak peek into a LIVE seminar . . .

In this video, Duane is doing a multi- school leadership development and team building seminar. If you'd prefer more of a keynote/seminar type of presentation, see the video at the top of the page. Duane will customize the program to meet your needs and objectives.



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