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The next best thing to having me right there in your band room, working with your students . . .

"I am completely sold on Duane's Band Leadership Online "Academy." I call it an academy because it is so much more than simply instructional videos. Through the process of introducing students to the various types of Leadership characteristics, Duane is able to break down the concepts in a way that students can apply them and learn to develop their own philosophies of leadership. His 3 Essentials: Influence, Attitude and Servitude, are topics I reiterate daily and in turn help students navigate through the difficulties of being a student leader.

The best thing about Leadership Online is that I can use different components for different scenarios that happen in my program. It allows me to create a "tailor-made" leadership program that helps my students achieve the goals that they set.

It is definitely worth the time and financial contribution."

- Ryan Dukes | Band Director at Habersham Central High School - Greenville, South Carolina Area


How to have your best marching band season EVER!

Imagine having all of your students, student leader, and marching band staff working together as on strong, cohesive, family oriented team! 

  • Imagine your stress level being nonexistent during rehearsals?

  • What kind of marching band season could you have?

  • What kind of experiences and memories could you and your band create this year?

  • How would that make you feel as an educator?

  • Think about the incredible performances your band could deliver during half time AND in competitions!


My name is Duane Huff, and I’m a 6-time student leader, former drum major of 4 marching bands and 1 drum and bugle corps, and creator of Band Leadership Seminars™ and Band Leadership Online™. When I was a student leader, I had the privilege of studying with Dr. Tim Lautzenheiser and George Parks and, as an adult I had the opportunity to be mentored by John C. Maxwell. In those early sessions with Dr. Tim, a dream was planted in my heart to do the work I’m doing today, and I’ve been fortunate to make this my career for the past seven years.
I put this course together for two reasons: 

  • 1.To serve the band directors (and their students) who brought me in live to do a Band Leadership Seminar. I wanted to provide an ongoing supplement to the live experience that they could access and refer to all year.

  • 2.Though my calendar stays booked year round, I can’t possibly get to everyone. This course is my way of serving the band programs that I couldn’t get to, and the one’s who just didn’t have it in their budget to bring me in for a live event.


I created this course specifically for the band directors and band boosters who believe in the value of investing in the growth and development of their students. For those educators and parents who understand the value of teaching their kids life and leadership lessons that will benefit them their entire lives, not just during their band and high school experience. 

What Band Directors, Just Like You, are Saying about Band Leadership Online™
(More video testimonials at the end of the video above)

" We loved this program so much, that we brought Duane in for a multi-school live seminar, the very next year! We did not expect too much from an online course, but we were mistaken! This was a great program as a stand alone program and also (as we did) as a supplemental Program/Foundation for our Silver Fox Band. The concepts of Service, Responsibility and Team/Family are certainly evident. As we explore how to expand Leadership and Family in our Band we certainly recommend and look forward to using Duane's Leadership Program in the future!!!"
- David Perez, Director of Bands | Jefferson/Silva High School

"Duane has designed a very solid course to help you promote your leadership in your band. A must have for every band program."- Milton Joselyn, Director of Bands | John I. Leonard High School Jazz Band

"I love the open and free exchange of ideas and information. The course is well thought out and I feel provides a foundation for leadership in our program. I use the first couple videos for the full band this past week on our long week of camp. I think everything went really well! The students enjoyed the riddle game and we had some very good discussions during the other videos. I have kids coming into the room the past two days and hour early to continue the process on a volunteer basis. We just got done drawing the pictures and talking about likes and hopes. Great program!"- Benjamin Middleton, Director of Bands | Seckman High School

"Friends, here is an awesome leadership series to consider purchasing! Duane does great work and approaches leadership in a unique way that is understandable for teens! Check. It. Out. Yesterday morning went so well! We only got through the first session 'Setting the Tone for Leadership' because the discussion was SO good! It was a game changer! We did all the discussion you suggested in the director's guide and the kids really started to open up (in a productive way). I am so pleased and feel like we are moving forward in the right direction. The amount of time we spent together was good for the first session of 'change." - Erica Fleeman, Band Director - Horizon High School - Thornton, Colorado

"For years I've look for a program that was not just drum major focused, but focused on all of my student leaders. As I try to prepare my students for life, Duane's program provided lessons that were not just drum major/student leader focused, but also life focused. They can apply these principles and lessons to the band, at home, with their peers and with their teachers. The skills they get from going through this course will serve them throughout their lives." - Duane Leblanc, Band Director - Catholic High School (former)/OLOM Catholic School - Baton Rouge, LA

"If you want to maximize the potential of your student leaders, and have something customized your band program/your needs/your students' needs, Duane's the way to go!" - Jay Ecker, Band Director - Westlake High School - Westlake, LA

"As band directors, we always strive to have the best musical performance, the best field performance, and we bring in clinicians to work with our kids. Why not invest in your students leaders? This [program] is a great way to do that." - Eric Samson, Band Director - Placentia High School - Placentia, CA

"Duane brings a refreshing approach to leadership that isn't from an educator's standpoint, but a "student leadership meets real world" prospective. Students will benefit from the lessons they learn in this program immediately, and for a lifetime." - Sean McBride, Band Director - South Effingham High School - Guyton, GA



$697 One Year Membership - (30 Day Money Back Guarantee)

Email or text 225.772.3264 to make payment arrangements



  • A thorough course introduction to get you fully acclimated to the content, and how to use it.

  • Using the Band Director (Facilitator/Leader) Guide Notes

  • Setting up the “Riddle Game”

Riddle Game Cards & Instruction

THIS IS SO IMPORTANT BECAUSE: This module will get you fully prepared to work with all of the course content and, most importantly, it will prepare you to run the “Riddle Game,” which is a foundational benchmark activity that will give you tremendous insight into your leaders and your band as a team. 


  • Setting the Tone for Leadership

  • What is Leadership

  • Leadership Assessment Questionnaire

  • Why is Leadership Important?

THIS IS SO IMPORTANT BECAUSE: This module will set the tone for the rest of the training, help you have meaningful conversations with your leaders, see where their minds are and help you address some of the more difficult realities of being a peer leader. This module, in and of itself, is worth your entire investment in the program. 


  • Setting the Tone for Leadership & Teamwork

  • 3 Essentials: Influence, Attitude & Servitude

  • Activity: Common Connections

  • Activity: The Riddle Game – Let’s see how well you currently work together

  • Activity & Teach: Understanding & Working with the People Around You

THIS IS SO IMPORTANT BECAUSE: This module will give you the opportunity to build team with your entire band. You’ll be amazed at what is revealed to you, and your leaders, as you take your entire band through this module. Most importantly, you’ll have tremendous insight into what you have to work with this year. Mindsets, attitudes, leadership qualities and personalities will ALL be revealed. And this module is a lot of fun for the kids! 


  • Leaders Only! A heart-to-heart debrief and tie down of the lessons learned and actions observed.

  • How to Create a Culture of Service

  • The Toughest Leadership Lesson I Ever Learned

THIS IS SO IMPORTANT BECAUSE: This module will help you solidify your bond with your leaders, help them to see their value, understand their roles and facilitate questions/discussions that will carry throughout the entire band year. 


  • These are released once you’ve been in the course for 31 days. They are ever changing topics designed to bring your students deeper into their leadership journey.

THIS IS SO IMPORTANT BECAUSE: This module will raise fresh topics for discussion, address issues students currently face inside and outside of band and give you a reason to pull up with your leaders and keep your finger on the pulse of what’s going on within your band program. 


$697 One Year Membership - (30 Day Money Back Guarantee)

Email or text 225.772.3264 to make payment arrangements


You have a full 30 days, from the date of purchase, to review the entire online course, to make sure its the right for your students and your program.

If, for any reason, you're not completely satisfied with the course, just send an email to, requesting a refund, and I will issue that refund immediately - no hesitation, no questions asked.

I'm taking all the risk here. you have absolutely nothing to lose by giving the course a try, and everything to gain.

If you need an invoice to pay by check  or PO, email me at, send me your school name and address, and I'll get that invoice right over to you.



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